About Femern Belt Agency and Supply

About Femern Belt Agency and Supply

The company was etablished in order to act as agents for vessels calling the Femern Belt Link. We are specialised in agency, supply and forwarding and most importantly local knowledge.

The Femern Belt Agency and Supply is a part of Baltic Shipping Company A/S.

Our main activities consists of:

  • Agency to vessels, supply boats and off shore tonnage
  • Stevedoring and handling of all kinds of cargo to the Femern Belt Link
  • Hire of staff/personal for the building and construction sector
  • Delivery of spares,freshwater and fuel
  • Transport of crew with supply boats to sites
  • Crewchange incl. immigration and transport + accomodation
  • Repair and maintenance of vessels and machines
  • Hire and leasing of machines w/o driver
  • Chartering of bulk and general cargoes

We have an extensive knowhow within all areas of the supply and shipping industry and are looking forward to assist you with all that you may require at Femern Belt.

Forside about us
Visualisering arbejdshavnen og tunnelfabrikken. 

Visualisation of the work harbour and tunnel factory. 

Visualisierung des Arbeitshafens und der Tunnelelementfabrik in Rødbyhavn.